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Basic to Advanced Synthesis Tutorials

Synthesis can seem extremely daunting. When you open up a synth like Logic's ES2, you're confronted with a huge array of buttons, knobs and sliders whose function seems obscure at best.

These tutorials guide you all the way from the foundations of synthesis to advanced sound design in 2hrs 35mins of HD video.

These tutorials are now discontinued and are free to download.

download: (free)

Learning through Practical Workshops

The tutorials are split into three parts, which can be purchased separately:

Part 1 explains the layout of the ES2, and how its oscillators, filters and effects section can be employed to build starting points for your sounds.

Part 2 covers the modulation matrix and explains using Envelopes, LFOs and Expressive modulation sources to give your sound the dynamic shape and sonic character you're after.

Part 3 is where things really start to get interesting. Over the course of 18 sound design workshop videos, we look at making Basses, Pads & Chords, Fx and Percussive sounds. We’ll be using examples from modern electronic music styles to teach you a broad range of techniques.

The tutorial pack also includes several Logic project files and 21 ES2 patches to study and adapt at your leisure.

All video chapters

Module 1 download

A look at the overall layout of the ES2, and then at the oscillators, filters and effects sections in depth. During this time the fundamental concepts of subtractive synthesis are explained.

  1. Intro
  2. The ES2's Signal path
  3. Oscillator 1
  4. Oscillators 2 & 3
  5. Filters 1 & 2
  6. Filter Blend, Parallel & Series
  7. Effects
  8. Polyphony, Monophony, Legato & Unison
  9. Glide & Analog modes

Module 2 download

Here we look at Modulation, including Envelopes, LFOs and Expressive modulation. In addition we look at some of the more 'exotic' forms of synthesis that the ES2 can do.

  1. Intro
  2. The Modulation Router
  3. Envelope 3
  4. Envelopes 1 & 2
  5. LFOs 1 & 2
  6. Expressive Modulation
  7. Pulse Width Modulation
  8. FM Synthesis
  9. Ring modulation
  10. Digiwave Modulation
  11. Synced Oscillators

Module 3 download

Where we get our hands dirty with practical workshops on building all manner of sounds. This module also includes 21 ES2 patches and some demonstration Logic project files.

  1. Bass Workshop 1 - Bass Psychoacoustics
  2. Bass Workshop 2 - Using envelopes & getting "fat"
  3. Bass Workshop 3 - Expressive modulation, keyboard scaling, punchy subs & clean deep basses
  4. Bass Workshop 4 - Lush, crushed bass & other modulation options
  5. Bass Workshop 5 - Dark & twisted D'n'B & dubstep
  6. Percussion Workshop 1 - Basic principles
  7. Percussion Workshop 2 - FM metallic sounds & hihat patch
  8. Percussion Workshop 3 - Self-resonating filters, kick drums and microtonal percussion loops
  9. Percussion Workshop 4 - Snare patch & complete ES2 drumkit
  10. Pads & Keyboards 1 - Basic principles
  11. Pads & Keyboards 2 - PWM, string sounds and FM pads
  12. Pads & Keyboards 3 - Morphing modwheel sounds & expression
  13. Pads & Keyboards 4 - Stab chords 101: applying our knowledge
  14. Pads & Keyboards 5 - House & techno chord sounds
  15. FX Workshop 1 - Transition Fx, noise & the secret filter
  16. FX Workshop 2 - Transcendant transitions
  17. FX Workshop 3 - Atmospheric synth Fx
  18. FX Workshop 4 - Voyage of probability; no limits Fx


Your tutorials are awesome, they're some of the best Logic – no, actually some of the best production tutorials in general, I have encountered so far.


I'm quite experienced on the ES2 but I must say that I have picked up a new thing or two already. The best thing about the tutorials are the design workshops. Those are awesome and really make a difference.

Eric Cardenas

The tutorials are presented in an easy to follow and logical fashion. They go into just enough depth without being confusing or too verbose.

The information provided helped me get a better understanding of how to get in and start making my own custom sounds. As a result, the ES2 has become my "go to" synth for all manner of applications.

I'd also like to mention that the support you offered me as an end-user was stellar!

Brett Grace

Hey, great tutorials, seriously! The quality is good, the content is good, and I really appreciated your professional yet casual presentation.

I was on the fence about buying them because I'm already fairly familiar with ES2 and synthesis, but the price was good so figured the last set would be worth it alone. Turns out I picked up a lot of new tidbits from the first two parts, and the last group was even better than I expected.

Christopher Orth

Just like to say the tutorials are great and easily worth the money. I love the fact they are HD and you are so clear and concise which makes for being a great teacher.

Paul Wilson