ES2 Synth: Basic to Advanced Synthesis

Learn synthesis from the basics all the way up to advanced sound design in 2.5hrs of HD video.

18 videos on the fundamentals of subtractive synthesis and the ES2's features. 18 sound design video workshops, where you'll learn how to make sounds from many genres of electronic music.

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Ultrabeat: Drum Sounds & Beat Creation

Exploit the full potential of this fearsomely powerful drum machine. Learn to use it both as a sampler or a drum synth for making your own unique custom sounds.

Also explore how it can be used to speed up your pattern workflow, to create inspired new beats, and to mash and morph those patterns together.

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Logic 9: Core Tutorials

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These tutorials teach Logic’s core topics from the ground up. If you’re a beginner, you can learn Logic from scratch, or if you already have some knowledge, skip ahead to brush up on less familiar topics.

Lessons on recording and importing audio & MIDI, loading software instruments, editing, arranging and more.

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About the tutorials

  1. We go the extra mile. As well as showing you what all the buttons and knobs do, we get our hands dirty with practical sound-design workshop videos.
  2. Sold as downloadable movie files. You own them forever, no DRM. Playable on iPhones and iPads with no special software.
  3. Modular pricing. All tutorials are divided into smaller segments, which can be purchased separately. Only buy what you need.
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