The Mangle

Granular synth/sampler plugin

I've been fascinated by granular synthesis for years but I never found a satisfactory plugin to explore it - I wanted full automation in my DAW, preset recall, and tools to 'play' the stream of grains expressively.

So I built it myself. Or more accurately, I am building it myself. The Mangle is currently in "release candidate" stage, so if you want to help me test, and buy at a discounted price, hurry as the price will increase soon on release of version 1.0. There's more info in this blog post.

Help me build the granular synth I've been dreaming of.

Buy: £19.99
The Mangle's beautiful streamlined interface makes it a joy to use. The real-time animation of every individual grain is mesmerizing, and the ability to stretch a single sound into tiny harmonic particles is wonderful. I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite tools for sample manipulation!
-- Richard Devine


Animated granular display

Visualize your grain stream. Individual grains move across the waveform in real time. Amplitude, pitch and envelope are also represented.

Drag & drop modulation

Creating new modulations is easy - just drag the modulator to its target, then set the amount with in-place markers showing changes.

Resizable vector interface

The Mangle's interface is rendered dynamically as vectors - resize it with no loss in quality. Handy for live performance.

Quad sequencers

The Mangle is also great for making rhythmic patterns. Four sequencers can be used to modulate any parameter.

Multiband waveform display

Quickly and easily see where high, mid and low frequencies are in your audio, for clearer sound setup and tweaking.


Each instance of the plugin has 8 full 'slots' each with their own audio & parameters. Map them to any MIDI range for multi-timbral patches.