Mangle: Granular sampler plugin

The best way to explore granular synthesis, which works by splitting a recorded sound into tiny particles and recombining them into a sonic collage.

Create atmospheres, pads, patterns, and all manner of other unique sounds, all within your DAW with full automation and preset recall.

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Tangle: Modular FM synth

The slickest modular environment for use inside your DAW. Efficient and polyphonic, with capabilities for FM, AM, subtractive, wavetable and comb synthesis.

With a crisp vector interface and animated signal scoping, it's easy on the eyes too.

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Moog Synths: Sampler Instruments

Two packs, making up 70 exquisitely detailed sampler instruments made with the Moog Voyager and Minimoog Model D analog synths.

If you want a way to get some warm, fat analog character into your tracks without spending thousands, look no further. EXS24 and Kontakt versions supplied.

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Banging Bass: Logic Synth Sounds

30 channel strip settings for Logic, delivering thumping low end thrills for modern dance music and dubstep. Enter any price you like, including nothing.

Included are 2 Logic project files that show how to put the sounds to use.


About the software/sounds

  1. Sampler instruments are compatible with Logic's ESX24 and Kontakt (full version).
  2. Signal chain: Our samples are recorded in 16bit 44.1KHz through top quality analog desks and great D/A converters.
  3. Payment methods accepted: