The Mangle

Granular sampler plugin

There's no better way to explore granular soundscapes. Full automation in your DAW, multi-timbral, stereo grains, and simple to use with drag-and-drop modulation.

Real-time animation of every individual grain, showing you what your sound is doing. Stretch a single note into a rich texture. Make organic effects that fizz and crackle. Shatter a synth sound into a thousand pieces.

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Subtractive synth tutorials

Learn subtractive synthesis with Logic's ES2 synthesizer.

1.5hrs basic tutorials, then 1.5hrs creative sound-design workshop lessons.

No other tutorial can match it in terms of real sound-design experience.

Moog sampler instruments

70 sampler instruments, lovingly crafted from two of the most sought-after synths of all time - the Minimoog Model D and the Moog Voyager.

Many instruments are multi-layered, giving you access to a wide range of tonalities from these classic analog synths.

Ultrabeat tutorials

Learn how to use Logic's fearsomely powerful drum synth / sampler to fashion awesome rhythms for your tracks.

1.5hrs basic tutorials, followed by 1.5hrs creative sound-design workshop lessons.